Downy Woodpecker (DOWO)

location description date comments
Home Dead tree in dog yard 2023‑10‑09 Male
Home Near red cabin 2023‑01‑31
Home Feeder 2022‑10‑05 Male
Home Deck feeders 2021‑09‑12 Male
Home Deck feeder tree 2021‑09‑04 Male
Home Peanut butter feeder 2020‑10‑05
Home Larger tube feeder 2020‑08‑17 Male right behind me as I sit on the deck
Home Side of the house 2019‑11‑15 Female
Home Small tube feeder 2019‑10‑27
Home Tube feeder on the deck 2019‑10‑21
Home None 2018‑09‑24 On tube feeder
Front 40 (64.894, -147.876) Tube feeder 2017‑10‑28 Male
Home Around Creek and dog yard 2015‑07‑05 Hanging around with hairy family
ABR In trees off Main deck 2011‑05‑02 Pair
Home Spruce tree near snow depth gauge 2010‑08‑24
Front 40 Top of the new trail 2010‑03‑24 Male
Home Male on peanut butter feeder 2009‑08‑15
ABR Suet feeder outside West 2009‑02‑05 Female
Home On east suet feeder 2008‑08‑31 Male

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