wed, 23-sep-2009, 06:03

Finish line

Andrea finishing

It’s been a few days since Andrea finished her first marathon, and I’ve had a chance to clean up the photos (I didn’t realize how dark they were while I was out, blogging from my iPhone). They’re part of a Picasa web gallery here. Andrea has written up her experiences on her blog.

For my part, I had a good time supporting Andrea, except for my time on top of Ester Dome waiting for her to come down from the out and back. When she left me, her legs were tired, but she wasn’t injured. Shortly after that, however, the teammates ahead of her in the race started coming up to me to warn me that her knee was hurt and that she might not be able to finish the marathon. It was a long, lonely wait wondering how she was doing above me.

Despite that, watching her cross the finish line with three of her teammates, and all the rest of her team and coaches whooping, cheering, and clapping was awesome.

sat, 19-sep-2009, 18:16
Andrea finished! (it was several hours ago, actually)

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sat, 19-sep-2009, 15:37
Andrea just got off Goldhill Road and is on the powerline for about a mile. Cloudberry, where she went onto the powerline, is where the bed and breakfast is where we got married. Our guests parked along the powerline where she's running. In the photo she's walking with her coach Kevin.

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sat, 19-sep-2009, 13:53
Mile 17 and down the chute.

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sat, 19-sep-2009, 11:52
Mile twelve and the start of the "out and back" which goes up and around the antenna towers. Andrea is in the purple jacket, although I'm writing this on my phone so I can't tell if she's in the photo or not.

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