sat, 19-sep-2009, 10:30
Mile 8.5 and the start of the climb up Ester Dome. This is also the first relay exchange point. Except for a pebble in her shoe (which she got rid of here), Andrea is doing great and having fun. Still no rain, and it seems warmer than the 45 they were predicting for a high temperature. Probably quite a bit colder up on Ester Dome though. At 6:00 AM it was 35 with a 15 mph wind. If it's not alerting and under a cloud like last year, everyone will be happy.

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sat, 19-sep-2009, 09:33
Here's where the trail goes right near our house. You can see Ester Dome in the distance. Andrea will be on top in a few hours.

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sat, 19-sep-2009, 09:27
Mile five:

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sat, 19-sep-2009, 08:39
Mile two and going strong. Andrea looks like she's having fun. No rain so far.

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sat, 19-sep-2009, 08:07
They're off! It's around 40 degrees and it rained a bunch last night, but so far it's not looking like rain and you can see the top of Ester Dome.

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