sat, 18-sep-2010, 12:49
Andrea is now on her way down the chute having done the hardest part of the course. Nine miles, give or take, to go.

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sat, 18-sep-2010, 11:23
Attempting to blog on the bus back down Ester Dome. I just left Andrea at the start of the out and back around the top of Ester Dome. She'll be up there around and hour and a half if things go well. Her legs were tired, but she was enjoying herself.

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sat, 18-sep-2010, 09:26
Andrea passed the five mile mark at 9:15. Still looking good and running strong.

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sat, 18-sep-2010, 08:04
The 2010 Equinox Marathon is off and running. It's a chilly upper 40s morning, but the sun is shining and should be a beautiful day.

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sun, 15-aug-2010, 16:59


The new cabin is finally starting to take shape. All the vinyl flooring has been installed in the entry, bathroom and kitchen, and I’ve finished with the laminate flooring in the kitchen area. This morning I tiled the hearth, and started working on the flooring in the living room. It’s such a relief being done with all the painting. I also put the water tank back in the bathroom, so now there’s running water again.

A couple days ago I made a short video walking through the place:

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