fri, 18-sep-2009, 06:12

Sunset over Pike's

Pike’s Restaurant

Last night we were at Pike’s for the Team In Training inspiration dinner. The marathon starts tomorrow at 8 AM with Andrea running it, and me driving around trying to make sure she’s got what she needs out on the course. The weather doesn’t look great (occasional rain in the morning, scattered showers in the afternoon, high 50°F), but snow isn’t in the forecast, so that’s a plus.

While I waited outside for Andrea to finish cleaning up and chatting with other racers, I snapped some iPhone photos of the sunset over the Chena River. The image on the right is another Toy Camera shot (probably “High Saturation”) and the image below is an unaltered panorama taken from the boat ramp.

Sunset over the Chena River

Sunset, Chena River

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