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273915 Erik Levin 2021‑06‑10 Re: VCI Paper
Dan wrote:
> I'm thinking of making sleeves out of
> VCI paper and then dipping that in Plasti Dip

I don't know that VCI paper is really the best choice here. The life of VCI
paper is not the life of the chisel. Depending on storage (sealed case, drawer
or cabinet that gets opened and closed, exposed to free air) the life may be a
year or three down to weeks or less. It releases the vapor to maintain an
equilibrium, and any loss will be made up until the paper is depleted. Leave a
piece on the bench for a week and it is done. The shelf life isn't forever,

If these are for users, and corrosion is that big a worry, you might make edge
protectors that can tolerate the tool being oiled/waxed for storage, or make a
case you can keep VCI paper in.

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