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273960 Phil Washburn <prwashburn1977@g...> 2021‑06‑16 Re: Thanks for the inspiration
Thanks Matthew.

I wanted to take more progress pictures as I worked, but I found that I get
so focused on completing a step and then thinking about the next, that I
forget to take pictures.

-- What would you do different if another “commission” came your way?

First I would probably have done a mock up of the table.  It ended up being
a little bit bigger than MLW expected, but was necessary to comfortably fit
4 people and the chairs side by side.  We may have been able to change the
design to fix that.  Otherwise everything went pretty well as planned with
no major challenges.

-- How did you decide which way to put the live edge? ‘Facing’ up for
maximum visibility?

This was a topic of much conversation.  We really liked the look both
ways.  With the live edge down the table took a "modern look" but offered
more table top.  With the edge up it showed it off more and offered a
little bit more space for me to make the base wider, which I thought was
necessary to make sure the table wasn't unstable.  Given that it is 36"
tall I was concerned with it being top heavy and tippy, if I made the base
too narrow.  So after all that she landed on up.


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