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273962 Ed Minch <edminch3@g...> 2021‑06‑18 Anvil
Just left the basement of a woman I met at a garage sale.  She commented on my
Avanti and we struck up a conversation - new reason to drive an interesting car.
She lives with her 93 old dad in the house she grew up in in rural MD.  Her dad
had a constrcution company and the basement was FULL of stuff.  Not much of
interest - things like a whole 45 gallon bucket full of channelocks or
screwdrivers, but I did find a stgraight pre WWII Victory saw with close to a
full depth plate, if not full depth, I few of the orange Jorgenson bar clamops I
use, a very nice early Stanly 98 marking gauge, 3 Arkansas stones brand new in
their boxes - soft, hard, and black.

She has 3 items I thought might garner some interest from all y'all

A cabinetmakers bench - 24” X 84” (approx) with a tool trough along the back of
the top.  It has a face vice and and end vice each with a great big wood screw.
It was covered in more crap than I wanted to move, but it looked about average
in wear, working vices, and very sturdy base.  He dad said he wants $500 for it.

A vice out of a local blacksmith shop her dad got in the 60’s.  It has a maker’s
mark up high on one side - stamped large letters in a straigh line  ??????  with
BROOKLYNNY in a smiling curve just below.  Faintly seems to have more letter in
a frowing curve above.  My guess is 200 lbs.  The plate on top has one slightly
rounded edge.  She did not have a price in mind.

A machinists tool chest - tall, metal, lots of drawers, a ton (literally) of
contents.  Starrett, B+S, Mitotoyo (SP?), lots of gauges and micrometers.  I
didn't price anything out of it

She is located on Maryand’s Eastern Shore, an hour from the Annapolis Bay Bridge
or 45 minutes from Wilmington DE

Let me know if you have any interest

Ed Minch

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