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273970 CheekyGeek <cheekygeek@g...> 2021‑06‑19 Re: Anvil
Love the Avanti.That is a LITERAL drive-by gloat!  What year is it? There
was an old lady in Grand Island (Nebraska) that had a gold one she used as
her daily driver. Saw her shopping with it many times. I can hardly think
of parking in a parking lot with one (or being on the street in one with
today's distracted drivers)!

Darren Addy
Kearney, NE

On Fri, Jun 18, 2021 at 3:04 PM Ed Minch  wrote:

> Just left the basement of a woman I met at a garage sale.  She commented
> on my Avanti and we struck up a conversation - new reason to drive an
> interesting car.  She lives with her 93 old dad in the house she grew up in
> in rural MD.  Her dad had a constrcution company and the basement was FULL
> of stuff.  Not much of interest - things like a whole 45 gallon bucket full
> of channelocks or screwdrivers, but I did find a stgraight pre WWII Victory
> saw with close to a full depth plate, if not full depth, I few of the
> orange Jorgenson bar clamops I use, a very nice early Stanly 98 marking
> gauge, 3 Arkansas stones brand new in their boxes - soft, hard, and black.
> She has 3 items I thought might garner some interest from all y'all
> A cabinetmakers bench - 24” X 84” (approx) with a tool trough along the
> back of the top.  It has a face vice and and end vice each with a great big
> wood screw.  It was covered in more crap than I wanted to move, but it
> looked about average in wear, working vices, and very sturdy base.  He dad
> said he wants $500 for it.
> A vice out of a local blacksmith shop her dad got in the 60’s.  It has a
> maker’s mark up high on one side - stamped large letters in a straigh line
> ??????  with BROOKLYNNY in a smiling curve just below.  Faintly seems to
> have more letter in a frowing curve above.  My guess is 200 lbs.  The plate
> on top has one slightly rounded edge.  She did not have a price in mind.
> A machinists tool chest - tall, metal, lots of drawers, a ton (literally)
> of contents.  Starrett, B+S, Mitotoyo (SP?), lots of gauges and
> micrometers.  I didn't price anything out of it
> She is located on Maryand’s Eastern Shore, an hour from the Annapolis Bay
> Bridge or 45 minutes from Wilmington DE
> Let me know if you have any interest
> Ed Minch

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*Darren Addy*
Cheekius Geekus

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