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274177 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑07‑27 Re: Ramia workbenches

I wouldn't know a Ramia workbench if it jumped up and bit me, but that's not
going to stop me from making the following comments!

WEIGHT. MASS. These are keys to a satisfactory workbench. You do not want the
bench to move while you are whaling away on a big firmer chisel. You don't want
it to rock to the left as you push that extra-wide Norris smoother from the

When you read the weight specification of a commercial bench, distinguish
"weight of bench" from "shipping weight." The latter obviously includes
packaging, which might be substantial for any imported bench.

( I've seen "torsion box" bench designs which are very stiff but don't weigh
much. These need "ballast," but might be quite satisfactory. )

A gratuitous comment about lumber prices: it doesn't have to be new lumber. If
you can get permission, many businesses discard pallets, skids, etc.
Demolition. Craigslist. Local sawmills.

I've had several benches over the years, so unless you are a very senior
citizen, it's unlikely that any bench is your "final" bench.  So, don't obsess
about it.

When I moved into my current home, I bought a "Whitegate" tropical hardwood
bench to bootstrap getting the workshop up and running.  Certainly not a great
bench, but it would be a place to build a great bench. That was always a pipe
dream until I lucked upon a terrific antique bench at an auction.

John Ruth
"He who would a good bench win
Must split thick, and hew thin"

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