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274183 gtgrouch@r... 2021‑07‑27 Re: Ramia workbenches
I have a Horror Freight lookalike. The top is thin, and the thickness
in mine is from the apron attached all around it. It's also light.
It's a good start, but it will need significant effort to remake it
from a 'bench-shaped object' into a real bench. 

Mine is a keeper though. It was given by my wife, who isn't around to
give me anything more. 

YMMV, Gary Katsanis
Albion New York, USA

	-----------------------------------------From: "Paul Honore" 
To: oldtools@g...
Sent: Tuesday July 27 2021 11:42:50AM
Subject: Re: [oldtools] Ramia workbenches

 I'm not trying to be funny but have you looked at the Harbor Freight

 At $159, doesn't look all that bad. The reviews (if you can trust
 are positive and with a few modifications like a front mounted vise
 some more weight, it might do the job.

 Paul H.

 On 7/26/2021 7:20 PM, Dan Beck wrote:
 > Does anyone have personal experience with Ramia workbenches? I’m
considering purchasing one, but I can’t find any real world reviews.
If anyone has any experience or info about them that they’d we
willing to share, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!


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