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274186 gary allan may 2021‑07‑27 Re: Simple Workbench
GGs and GK!:
  It's a good bench, and a great tutorial. And if you scrounge around town and
on craigslist, you can find some gluelam timbers or real wood timbers, nominally
'4by' something going cheap for a profoundly heavy top, which makes this bench
even better... I've built more than a few of these, though I don't do much of
the half-lapping into the apron. With a good set of diagonals and a two hundred
pound top, everything gets pretty stout.
                              best to all galoots, worldwide; gam in OlyWA/USA


    On Tuesday, July 27, 2021, 09:58:28 AM PDT, gtgrouch@r... 
 If you have time, this is not a bad video to watch. 


Gary Katsanis
Albion New York, USA

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