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274208 galoot@l... 2021‑07‑27 Re: Ramia workbenches
Quoting Dan Beck :

> Many interesting points being made. Thanks for everyone’s input. You
> haven’t helped me at all, lol.
> It seems the general consensus is that the legs don’t seem beefy
> enough so additional work would need to be done in order to modify
> it. At that point, I feel like I might as well just go with my
> original plan and build my own.

Chris Shwarz's Anarchist's Workbench is available free to download (no
id or login) at https://lostartpress.com/products/the-anarchists-workbench
a couple paragraphs up from the table of contents.  He includes a discussion
on improving commercial offerings you might want to read _before_ you buy ;-)
Pay particular attention to appendix B "Working without a workbench"
the "apocalyse" bench.

If I was in your position I would check out the low (usually called Roman but
several styles) workbenches.

Weekend 1  Glue up a top from tuba fours or close equivalent (see the book)

weekend 2 Make some legs

weekend 3 attach legs to top

weekend 4 add holdfasts, funky notch for holdings things, planing stop, etc
don't really need vises

Later if you insist on vises add one, but a Moxon or high-vise will probably
do you.  If you start with the Skansen
you don't need to get an expensive large leg hole bit (rectangular leg holes).

He had a wonderful video show and tell how to do everything at Colonial
Williamsburg's January conference but I haven't found it online.  I browsed
through as opposed to watched
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d1JJdRKHJcQ  but it looks like he covers
the bases how to do things on one.

The low bench can also be auxillary seating or a slightly funky coffee table
in its off hours.  Ingenious Mechanicks reveals all.

Esther  (who has been considering how to tart up a knockdown medieveloid
tuba x bench into a workbench for Pennsic...)

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