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274237 gary allan may 2021‑07‑29 Re: Simple pleasure
Hey Bill--- 
  Simple pleasure indeed.  This spring I found a wonderful five point Simonds in
a friend's free pile, very heavily patinated, but he lent me a pack of single-
edge razor blades and a can of 3in1 and we chatted with his pals---in the sun in
his backyard sculpture shop---while I brought up the etch, got the whole thing
glowing and BSed about the gunsight on the toe, and how that makes *this* saw
much more easy to aim. Wotta a bunch of saps....It's sharp too, nice barely-
chipped applewood handle and it's an X-Cut.!
  I've gotten to the age where I practice the metal-sawyer's rule for wood---
three teeth in the work is best. For sharpening, you can't beat the principle.
The right saw for 2X material is a bit intimidating to contemplate, but it's fn
dynamite on the jobsite. Nobody borrows it, and nobody comes anywhere near you
when you're cutting.

  I kid. A five point crosscut is i-fn-deal, though.

   Glad to hear that you're still bottom-feeding; it's good to have you around,
too, in general.

                                 and best to all galoots everywhere, gam in
sunny as hell OlyWA, USA

"If your were Einstein's father, we wouldn't have the bomb."   Peggy Hill 

    On Thursday, July 29, 2021, 07:30:49 AM PDT, Bill Ghio via groups.io
 Saws. Like many on this list I have a soft spot for good saws. But how often do
you run across a good saw? It has been years for me. However, about two weeks
ago at a flea, pawing thru another barrel stuffed with what once were saws, I
found a little gem. It was grungy but I could tell it was a worthy. Disston, D8,
20 inches, 8-points, better than 100 years old. Cleaned up well. the chip on the
top horn hid out pretty well. 8-ppi is my visual limit for saw sharpening, but
maybe past my limit these days. It is sharp enough to cut well, but I think it
will get another pass to see if I can improve on that. No matter, it will always
be worth the $2.00 I paid for it.



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