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274240 Dennis Heyza <michigaloot@c...> 2021‑07‑29 Re: Simple pleasure
Nice find, Bill. Trolling flea markets and garage/estate sales is something
I haven't done in years, mostly because my work life (and home life by
extension) consumed much of my time. I fondly remember good finds like a
c1890 Stanley 66 for $10 or a 1947 Delta Rockwell late (with tools) for $75.
Perhaps I should start again now that I'm recently retired.


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Saws. Like many on this list I have a soft spot for good saws. But how often
do you run across a good saw? It has been years for me. However, about two
weeks ago at a flea, pawing thru another barrel stuffed with what once were
saws, I found a little gem. It was grungy but I could tell it was a worthy.
Disston, D8, 20 inches, 8-points, better than 100 years old. Cleaned up
well. the chip on the top horn hid out pretty well. 8-ppi is my visual limit
for saw sharpening, but maybe past my limit these days. It is sharp enough
to cut well, but I think it will get another pass to see if I can improve on
that. No matter, it will always be worth the $2.00 I paid for it.



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