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274242 Bob Page 2021‑07‑29 Re: Did Richardson Make a WS Saw?
Hi Kirk,

That is most definitely an early Richardson backsaw. The distinctive square nose
is a sure giveaway. I'm not sure if Richardson ever used a WS medallion. They
seemed to be quite proud of their ornate medallions and have used them on every
saw that I've seen, including the two in the photos from Jim Bode's site.

Incidentally, both of these amazingly beautiful (and completely original) saws
are currently in my shop. I just finished touching up the teeth for their new
owner. He is a Richardson collector, so perhaps he will have an answer for the
WS medallion question.

Bob Page
In da U.P. of Michigan

On Thursday, July 29, 2021, 03:14:02 PM EDT, Kirk Eppler via groups.io

Hey gang

I made another trip through the hoarder's tool sale that's been going on
for the last few weeks. Since I was there last, they've cleaned and
organized a bit, so it was easier to get through the stuff.  One tool I've
passed over on previous visits was a backsaw, rusted to heck, two broken
saw bolts, the one remaining is a split nut on the medallion.  Warranted
Superior with the eagle.

This time, I had a small enough stash*, that I decided I could safely carry
the saw out, so I decided that, worst case, I could salvage the fairly nice
handle, maybe re-plate it and get it working. The handle looked familiar,
but I couldn't place it right off.


Got home, and got lost researching in the P Baker #4 Disston Type Study,
Jackson saws, double coved backsaws etc.  Meanwhile, the FleaBAGs had
gotten into a discussion about a Foley or two available locally, so I
commented on the sharpening job on this saw (last <1" under the handle not
sharpened), so asked if they had any clues as to who might have used this
handle, with the long nose.  A couple of quick replies from Bill K and
Brian W of Richardson Bros, and I was off to the races.



I then went fishing in my OT literature (EAIA book on Saw Articles), and
found a type study of Richardson by Philip Baker.  Mine looks a lot like
Picture 8 on page 13


By the time of the 1895 "merger" into the National Saw Company, the nose
had developed quite a curve, and the hook was much less pronounced

So, the question to the assembled, does anyone know if Richardson (&
Brothers) ever made a WS saw?  Is there a chance the WS medallion is a
replacement from a long time ago, when they first broke all three trying to
remove them?

Pics here and following


I am thinking a rework is in order, depending on how well things go on
removing the split nut from the medallion.  I have a few saw nuts from
Blackburn Tools, not sure they are the right size, but will verify later.
Will try to separate the handle, back and plate, derust the metal, retooth
to get past the gross rust, then see what happens.  If the plate is
trashed, a new one from Blackburn may be on order.

There does not seem to be any markings on the spine, but the rust is pretty
thick right now.
Kirk Eppler in Half Moon Bay, getting more derusting and organizing done in
the evenings for a change.  *Apologies to Tom for buying the shelf drilling
jig, but I move my shelves everytime my interests change.

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