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274243 Joshua Clark <jclark@h...> 2021‑07‑29 Re: Did Richardson Make a WS Saw?
Heya Kirk-

Like Bob said, that handle style is one of the earliest Richardson made. I
suspect the medallion may be original. All of the Richardson-branded
examples I've seen with this handle style were made of apple. From your
photos if looks like yours may be beech. If Richardson made a slightly
lower-quality version of this saw, say for a hardware store, it's quite
likely it could have had a beech handle and a Warranted Superior medallion.

Here are some photos of a nice Richardson no. 5 with that same handle. Note
that the plate is both etched and die-stamped. Perhaps your saw has a stamp
you can resurrect?


On Thu, Jul 29, 2021 at 3:26 PM Bob Page via groups.io  wrote:

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