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274244 Bill Ghio 2021‑07‑29 Re: Did Richardson Make a WS Saw?
> On Jul 29, 2021, at 3:13 PM, Kirk Eppler via groups.io
> https://kirkhmb.smugmug.com/Woodworking/Woodworking-Tools/i-3nMj2cj/A

> I am thinking a rework is in order, depending on how well things go on
> removing the split nut from the medallion.  I have a few saw nuts from
> Blackburn Tools, not sure they are the right size, but will verify later.
> Will try to separate the handle, back and plate, derust the metal, retooth
> to get past the gross rust, then see what happens.  If the plate is
> trashed, a new one from Blackburn may be on order.

Wow Kirk, way more rehab ambition than I have ever had… But a great handle is
hard to find.

My favorite backsaw started w/ a comfortable handle on an old English saw with a
fractured plate. That was put with a heavy brass back from a R. Groves & Son saw
w/ a bad plate and broken handle. Sent these to Mark at Bad Axe Tool Works who
mated the two and added a new plate. Wonderful.

So you have the makings there. I look forward to seeing what you produce. 


PS, if you don’t find the right saw nuts in your stash give me a shout and I can
see what I’ve got.

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