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274252 scottg <scottg@s...> 2021‑07‑30 Re: Ramia workbenches
I'm with several others here.
  If you only consider it a "starter kit" it can work.

  My buddy Dave bought a Harbor Freight and just added more wood.
   Since most of it doesn't show and is not subject to wear, any old 
used 2X4's will do. Don't need to be pretty.

Legs will show, so you'd have to make something decorative out of it.
Working our defects into features, well you might as well get used to it 
now..... ;) .

Being on the lookout for better vises? Hey if you are a woodworker at 
all you are never past being on the lookout for better vises. 
haahhaaaha  I'd take an Emmert in a heartbeat!!

  The crap vises they come with, well it'll teach you how to make vise 
crutches and such to stop the racking. We never get past that either.

You can always use it as an assembly/paint/etc table when you build your 
real bench later.
  yours scott

    Scott Grandstaff
    Box 409 Happy Camp, Ca  96039

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