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274263 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑08‑01 Re: Did Richardson Make a WS Saw?
Kirk wrote:

> Will try to separate the handle, back and plate, derust the metal, retooth
> to get past the gross rust, then see what happens.  If the plate is
> trashed, a new one from Blackburn may be on order.
> There does not seem to be any markings on the spine, but the rust is pretty
> thick right now.

I do hope you will post in-progress pictures! It will be especially interesting
to learn if there are any stampings on the spine.

You can be proud that you were able to recognize this saw as "a diamond in the
rough!" Many would have passed it up; just bringing that handle back to
usefulness will be a challenge by itself.

My surmise is that you immediately recognized it as excellent, despite having
been left out in the rain, due to the shape of the handle.   It would be nice if
you could get a square-on photo of the profile of the handle with a background
of graph paper; galoots with more talent than I might want to try to duplicate
the gorgeous shape.

This thread is yet another example of the Power of the Porch, the incredible
ocean of research, curatorial, restoration, design, and craftsmanship knowledge
that all of you, taken as a whole, represent.

John Ruth
Grateful to be a part of this on-line community.

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