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274272 galoot@l... 2021‑08‑03 Re: crossbow project
Quoting Darrell :

> Galoots
> Summer time has rolled around, and with it, my usual penchant for taking on
> an interesting project to while away the time whilst on holiday.
> This year I was inspired by a video I saw from Tod's Workshop on youtube.
> He was shooting a really basic crossbow, which he said was based on an
> 11th century French archaeological find (Colletière à Charavines).
> He mentioned in his shooting video that he had done a build video too.

(Balance planed within one growth ring...)

Iirc both you and Kathy are archers?  I seem to recall a Flemish
bowstring class several years ago where the instructor was bemused
that you didn't know the required length.

Sounds like the next Amazing Arts and Sciences Project when we can
finally visit again.

ska Otelia d'Alsace

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