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274339 Darrell <larchmont479@g...> 2021‑08‑07 Re: crossbow project
On Mon, 2 Aug 2021 at 23:56,  wrote:

> Quoting Darrell :
> > Galoots
> >
> > Summer time has rolled around, and with it, my usual penchant for taking
> on
> > an interesting project to while away the time whilst on holiday.
> > This year I was inspired by a video I saw from Tod's Workshop on youtube.
> > He was shooting a really basic crossbow, which he said was based on an
> > 11th century French archaeological find (Colletière à Charavines).
> > He mentioned in his shooting video that he had done a build video too.
> (Balance planed within one growth ring...)
It was quite a bit of work with a Disston rip saw and a drawknife
to get the blank I needed out of the riftsawn stock. I ended up
with what appeared to be a good piece of wood, and began working
it down to where it would start to actually bend.  I stopped to make
a simple tillering jig and filed some notches for a rope to test the
prod (archery jargon for the bow part of a crossbow).

After peeling off a couple more growth rings the prod started to
bend nicely, still too stiff, but I'd rather take this slow and accomplish
something gthan rush it and make kindling. And now the fun began
to happen.  One limb began to twist. Probably 15 degrees out of wind
now, and I am nowhere near done. Curses! This was such a nice stick,
why is it misbehaving like this?

At this point I don't think it will actually fulfill the function.
Can it be saved?  Anyone out there got any ideas?
Best I can come up with is to steam it, twist it back into
shape, and hope it will be OK once it dries.

Best laid plans and all that...

Oakville ON
Wood Hoarder, Blade Sharpener, and Occasional Tool User

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