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274343 Darrell <larchmont479@g...> 2021‑08‑09 Re: crossbow project
Thanks Pete.

I never heard of the dish detergent trick, might try that.
I'm just imparting a twist, not a band, so backing straps etc are not an issue.
I'll give it a try next week and see what happens.
It's just kindling right now, and it this works, I have my project back!


On 09/08/2021, Pete Leenhouts via groups.io

> Some thoughts from the boatbuilding world...Yes, 1 hour of steam per inch of
> thickness. Wear gloves - the wood is very hot and will cause blisters
> (learned that the hard way). Some other thoughts - before the stock goes
> into the steamer, round off any squared edges along the grain with a plane -
> just a single pass - so the wood will have less of a tendency to split; and,
> wipe the wood down with dawn dish detergent - it makes it easier for the
> wood to bend. When it comes out of the steamer, and if the wood is thick,
> use a metal strap along the back of the bend to keep it from splintering. Be
> prepared to work quickly (the thinner the stock, the less time you have),
> and let the wood dry for 24-48 hours while in the form. With wood that is
> 3/4-inch thick, we learned you might have as little as 60-90 seconds before
> the lignin begins to set and the wood becomes difficult to bend without
> breaking.
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