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274484 Dan Beck <drumsandbacon@g...> 2021‑09‑02 Re: Nicholson Bench Build
Made progress on my bench. Aprons are on. Cross bearers attached. The base has
been thoroughly flattened/jointed/leveled. I attached the two top planks
tonight. I’m very happy so far. While this isn’t a difficult or complicated
build, I’m taking my time and making sure to be precise and deliberate and not
cutting any corners. Using the bench as a bench while I’m building has proven
that it is heavy and rock solid. While it is quite heavy as is, I’ve got enough
2x12” syp that I’m going to use it to make a lower shelf. While that is prob
overkill, I figure it add even more to its overall weight.

Next, I will be hitting the top with the jointer plane to make it as flat as
possible. Then I’ll drill the holdfast/dog holes, attach the crochet, and
install the lower shelf. I hope to finish this weekend.

Here’s some progress photos:




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