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274490 John Ruth <johnrruth@h...> 2021‑09‑02 Summary of ideas for workbench lower shelf.
Time to start a dedicated thread with a helpful subject line! Not in any order,
and credits from memory.

1) Make it heavy to add overall weight. [Don.]

2) Store your handplanes there, thus adding even more weight. ( There are at
least 12 Baileys in a full set, plus rabbets, scrapers, etc. ! ) [Spike]

3) Make it removable by lifting-out. [Richard]

4) Make it high enough so it's easy to reach and sweep under, but not so high
that planes etc interfere with your holdfasts. [Don]

5) Consider an enclosure with drawers and a layout tool tray. [Richard]

6) Shelf should allow one to sweep beneath the bench without moving the bench

7) Slatted shelf to let sawdust and shavings fall through. Slats could be spaced
strategically such that no plane rests upon its iron. [JRR]

Whose community got 8.9 inches of rain yesterday.

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