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274526 sushimonster 2021‑09‑07 Anyone know German tool makers of the past? #photo-notice

I've found this small brass calliper, which looks finely made. It seems to date
from when units of measurement varied across Europe, before widespread adoption
of the metric system - as it records measurement for Baden (German province
which used the Zoll, Fuss or Elle unit), Switzerland (Similar to Baden,
depending on region) and Paris ( the Elle), from the little I can find on this.

As far as I know, Paris was one of the first areas of France to go metric in
1795 - which hints that this piece could be quite early? I'm assuming that
"BRUDER" stamped on the end might be the maker's mark, but I've never heard of
the name Bruder as a tool or instrument maker?

Has anyone come across other tools baring the name Bruder at all? It's a nice
little find, so I'd really like to fill in some knowledge gaps about it if I
can, before I store it away in the very crowded "Mysteries I haven't solved yet"
draw :)

...but then there's that strange dot under the D. Does that mean an abbreviation
of the name, or is it just a random mark in the brass? Apologies about my rusty
German knowledge - it's been a while since I took it at school.


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