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274540 Troy Livingston <horologist@w...> 2021‑09‑11 Unknown Block Plane and The One That Got Away

Recently I was feeling a bit stir crazy with my shut in lifestyle and 
SWMBO suggested an afternoon excursion to an area antique mall.

I found this low angle block plane and am unable to identify the 
manufacturer. After scanning through hundreds of images online I found 
only one match. An auction listing with five other planes that brought a 
total of $45. So, while I recognize that I am not about to quit my job 
and retire to a life of luxury on some tropical beach, still I am 
frustrated by this thing. The plane is very similar to a Stanley 118 but 
not identical. This isn't my area of expertise so I am hoping for some 
help from the group.

Link to album


Now the frustrating part. When we arrived I started up the row this tool 
chest was in but got distracted and ended up seeing it after we had gone 
though the whole place. Ended up missing it by a few minutes.

I thought the drawers were pretty cool and when taking the photo 
discovered that there are pockets for tools in the base underneath the 
bottom drawer. As they say some days you are the windshield some days 
the bug...



She is happy though. I also found a mayonnaise jar with a bunch of pen 
nibs and pens including some premium antique fountain pens for $20. 
Probably won't be much of a bargain for me as I shudder to think what it 
will cost to get them working.


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