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274543 Troy Livingston <horologist@w...> 2021‑09‑11 Re: Anyone know German tool makers of the past? #photo-notice

Clocks and watches with trains driven by a mainspring typically house
the spring in a barrel. When you overhaul them you remove the spring to
clean, inspect and lubricate, then it goes back into the barrel. This is
possible to do by hand but can distort "cone" the spring and is
generally considered bad form. The mainspring winder is the tool used to
remove and reinstall the springs into the barrels. There are a wide
range of sizes and shapes for these tools.

Thanks for the clarification on 5 and I'm glad you have it sorted out.

Watch movement holders can be handy for all sorts of things. I have
quite a few and made good use of one at work to hold an irregular shaped
object in a 3 D scanner.

An impressive assortment of case knives, you have me beat. I must
scrounge more!


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