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274549 gtgrouch@r... 2021‑09‑12 Re: tool sale this (past) weekend - Oakland Whatzit?
I keep thinking of potential uses for the fiberboard plane. Cutting
mats for picture framing, maybe, and dare I say it?

Leather work?

It would be fun to play with one someday.

Gary Katsanis
Albion New York, USA

	-----------------------------------------From: "Greg Isola" 
To: "Kirk Eppler"
Cc: "Tools Old"
Sent: Sunday September 12 2021 11:16:34AM
Subject: Re: [oldtools] tool sale this (past) weekend - Oakland

 Yes, great ID! Thanks! The old Stanley Fibre Board Cutter Groove and
 Cutter Holder for Re-Sharpening Type Blades. Why didn't I think of

 From the original estate sale photo, it appears to be sitting on the
bed of
 a (heavily used) miter box. I think I overestimated the size of the
 seeing it as closer to a Stanley #80 two-handed scraper, for example.

 Anyway, pretty nifty in terms of gizmocity, if not actual utility,
 days. Anybody need to re-sharpen their groove and bevel type blade?

 Take care, all of you,

 Greg Isola
 Alameda, CA



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