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274554 Richard Wilson <yorkshireman@y...> 2021‑09‑13 Re: tool sale this (past) weekend - Oakland Whatzit?
Gary looks for potential - but there is real, live, current, up to the minute
demand for these things..

I have the record equivalent, effectively NIB, and a while ago, my son and I
made a ‘building board’ for his model aircraft constructing from inch ply with a
layer of pinboard material atop.  In the UK, that would be ’Sundeala’ fibreboard
- much used for noticeboards and such.  (Naturally, we ensured a flat surface
using a No7 (trying plane, Jeff) to ensure no twist in the wings.

And - the final treatment was to bevel the edges using a fibreboard plane - the
perfect tool for the job.

I just went to the website to check, and it seems that Sundeala is good stuff
right now - here’s what they say..  (It’s a big relief for some of us to know
this. Maybe there’s a market for specialist tools forming.)

Sundeala FR board has been found to be 100% Coronavirus free 5 minutes from
infection in independent laboratory testing.
We are delighted that, after weeks of rigorous tests carried out by an ISO 17025
compliant UK laboratory, we can confirm that our FR board is 100% free from
human coronavirus both internally and externally in less than five minutes after
These results could not come at a better time for our customers as schools and
workplaces work hard to ensure that environments are safe from risk of
For information on social distancing screens, walkway partitions, protective
wall cladding and notice boards, contact our team on 01453


> On 12 Sep 2021, at 18:27, gtgrouch@r... wrote:
> I keep thinking of potential uses for the fiberboard plane. Cutting
> mats for picture framing, maybe, and dare I say it?
> Leather work?
> It would be fun to play with one someday.
> Gary Katsanis
> Albion New York, USA
> 	-----------------------------------------From: "Greg Isola" 
> To: "Kirk Eppler


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