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274677 Charlie Driggs 2021‑10‑10 Re: Saw replacement
> On Oct 10, 2021, at 3:19 PM, scottg  wrote:
> Happy Sunday Galoots near and far!
> Well remember last month when I dropped my veteran backsaw and broke the
>  I had cut my thumb pretty badly and it was healing but taking its time. So in
my dimished state I gathered some lonely saw parts I had laying around. A brass
back from one old derelict saw. A handle from another and a saw plate from a
>   Whizzmo change-o I married them. haahah
>   It worked but it was plain as a mud fence. The handle was so beat up I
actually had to use stain :(
>    I had to do at least a little something............
> Should make a decent knock around saw.
>   yours scott


Looks pretty spiffy to me for “a decent knock around saw” — a true “harlequin”
tool!  Nice touch with the shell inlays.  It even gave you something to use your
special punch on too.

Well done!


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