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274678 Phil E. <pedgerton66@g...> 2021‑10‑10 For sale or trade

 Several years ago I scored the butt log of an Appalachian hickory tree;
pretty big. I rived it all up,removed the bark and rived off the heart, as
that i*s* no good for handles. (Used the hearts in the fire pit). I've made
at least about a dozen handles of all kinds with this hickory, and it's The
Best! You'd have a hard time breaking one of the handles even if you tried.
DAMHIKT. The blanks are 5 or so years air dried under cover or in my shop
(Burrrrr-ly heated).

I've got about 60 blanks left and I thought I'd offer some of them up for
sale or trade for items of equal value: unusual (to me) wood, tools, or
what have you. I guess I'd need to get about $15.00 apiece for 'em If you
want to buy outright. They are at least 50 inches long and about 2 1/2
inches square (or rather kind of trapezoidal). You could get at least 2 axe
handles or sledge handles out of each blank, I'd say. Most are
pretty straight but I have a few that are curved or wavy--which you
could use for special needs. (Advise me of what you have in mind.) Shipping
would be extra and extra expensive, I'd imagine.

Lemme know if you want any. I'll ship Fedex or UPS.

Phil E.

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