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274679 Pete Bergstrom <petebergstrom@g...> 2021‑10‑11 Re: Do you trammel?
Nice save, Bill!

I have a set similar to your last pictures. They came mounted on an 18"
beam, likely walnut, and stamped "E.J.Young". I probably found them 20
years ago in a garage sale in St. Paul. (Also possibly from a MWTC meeting,
but I think I'd remember that more.)

I haven't cleaned these up in all that time, but I dug them out of storage
to compare to your picture. One point looks soldered in; the other is
threaded for removal and I don't have the pencil holder.

A little north of Seattle

On Fri, Oct 8, 2021 at 12:10 PM Bill Ghio via groups.io  wrote:

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