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274684 David Sobel 2021‑10‑11 Re: Do you trammel?
> On Oct 8, 2021, at 3:10 PM, Bill Ghio via groups.io 
> I don’t often need to use my trammel set, but every once in a while I do need
to layout a curve beyond the reach of my largest dividers.

I have not had the good fortune to find a nice set of trammel points in the
wild. I was inspired by a beautiful set made by Brian Buckner. When I bought a
miniature metal lathe with a mill column, I decided to make my own.


This was a learning project, as I have had no formal machinist training. I made
two hardened steel points, and I also made a drafting lead holder patterned
after my drafting compass. All of the parts and screws were machined from either
bar stock or recycled materials.  It doesn’t have the elegance of the early
Stanley trammels or the ones Brian made, but it gets the job done.

David Sobel 

Still working with those miniature machining tools, and wishing I had room for a
larger lathe and mill.

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