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274996 Bill Ghio 2021‑12‑26 Galootaclaus arrived
Between the slow post and procrastinating Galoots I am used to receiving my
Galootaclaus gifts late, so I wan’t worried that mine had not yet arrived.
Yesterday afternoon after all the other Xmas gifts had been dispensed with, my
lovely SWIMBO produced a heavy Flat Rate box she had hidden.  Wahoo. The box had
a return address, but no name. The note inside was signed only Galootaclaus, but
the address looked familiar. I thot I had shipped tools to this address after my
last FS. Sure enough, Jim H from Virginia.

This is Jim’s first effort at being a Galootaclaus and he really outdid himself.
To wit:

two home-made Xmas ornaments

ISSAC GREAVES, SHEFFIELD mortice chisel, 5/16”. I already have assembled a
graduated set of eight mortice chisels, but no 5/16. It has already been cleaned
of all the surface rust and will soon sport a new handle and sharp edge.

Lufkin aluminum folding rule. I don’t have one and have passed on a lot of them
over the years because they have been damaged. My father used to use these rules
so I grew up on them and am happy to finally have a good one.

Smith-made 12” dividers with an 18th C. look about them. These are rough but the
screw and the hinge work and I will enjoy tuning them and adding them to the

Craftsman automatic screwdriver, fully functional.

Jacobs chuck that I can use w/ my drill press for small drills. This one goes
from 0 to 1/4” and will be handy as my large chuck always has problems with
small bits.

Four carpenters advertising pencils to add to my collection, which now numbers
twenty-six unique examples.

two 2/32” Yankee drill bits in original packaging.

A crosspien hammer

two “C” clamps.

five 60 grit sanding wheels

#3 size smoother marked only RED DIAMOND on the blade

a 1" x 1" x 12” wax covered billet — Lignum Vitae??

and finally, a mystery tool marked Zeva Electric Corp. They are spring loaded.
Squeeze the handles together an a blade snaps up across the little gap at the
tip. I assumed wire cutters but all it did to light electrical wire was to bend
it. Dull cutter, maybe?

Thanks a bunch Jim. This haul will give me plenty to do to occupy my time this

Pic at https://www.flickr.com/photos/77280442@N.../51777551540/in/dateposted/


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