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275147 Chris Wolf <hframe79001@g...> 2022‑01‑25 Re: Wotizzat?
I believe the mark is AHREM. It's a town in Germany and the mark of a tool
maker. The full name seems to be AHREM's Goodline. In searching I find tools
such as saw sets and pliers, mostly on sites in Australia and New Zealand.


Check out H-frame, the site for vintage Black & Decker Workmates

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United Galoots,

Anyone know what this tool is (for)?
Photos are yellowed by the spotlights, but shouldn't be an issue.
A sort of flatted nail, a bit like a sack needle or a chisel, or maybe a
pottery tool of some sort. Puzzling...
There is a stamp on it, hard to read, something like ASERIM (wild guess).
Not sure if it has ever been sharp.

First photo out of 4:

Waiting for the storm as per weather warning...

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