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275150 Kirk Eppler 2022‑01‑25 Re: Wotizzat?
If I hadn’t already read the experts’ answers, and without a sense of scale
In your pix, I would have guessed a tobacco pipe “tool”.  My dad used to
have a nicer one.


Deferring to the experts.

Kirk in Half Moon Bay, CA, where some garage time may come in soon

On Mon, Jan 24, 2022 at 11:21 PM Christian Gagneraud 

> Anyone know what this tool is (for)?
> Photos are yellowed by the spotlights, but shouldn't be an issue.
> A sort of flatted nail, a bit like a sack needle or a chisel, or maybe
> a pottery tool of some sort. Puzzling...
> There is a stamp on it, hard to read, something like ASERIM (wild guess).
> Not sure if it has ever been sharp.
> First photo out of 4:
> https://groups.io/g/oldtools/photo/264875/3371814?p=Created%2C%2C%2C20%2C2%2C0
Sent from my iPad, apologies for the Auto Correct errors. Kirk

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