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277059 James DuPrie <jbn.duprie@g...> 2023‑03‑02 making scrollwork... how to smooth?
I've been playing with making scrollwork - cutting patterns out with a
coping saw. Like the cast iron 'scrollwork' found on victorian stuff -
fines, flowing curves, etc.

I've figured out things like dealing with weak cross grain (design around
it or build panes so there ISN'T cross grain) and such, but I haven't
figured out how to smooth the cuts. filing and sanding work for areas where
there is a lot of room, but in areas where there are acute angles coming
together, there simply isn;t room to get in and sand. Add int he
complication that the surfaces are all curves (so you an't use a nail
file), and I'm stuck.

Maybe its my coping saw techique, but the surfaces simply aren't good -
rough, ridges, bumps, etc....

any ideas?

I'll post some pics on facebook....


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