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277063 Don Schwartz <dks@t...> 2023‑03‑02 Re: making scrollwork... how to smooth?
If memory serves, I've seen somewhere for sale narrow strips of abrasive 
papers with fixings to use them in coping or fretsaws. You may be able 
to fashion something like that using bits of tape to attach the 
abrasives to the saw.


On 2023-03-02 6:03 a.m., James DuPrie wrote:
> I've been playing with making scrollwork - cutting patterns out with a
> coping saw. Like the cast iron 'scrollwork' found on victorian stuff -
> fines, flowing curves, etc.
> I've figured out things like dealing with weak cross grain (design around
> it or build panes so there ISN'T cross grain) and such, but I haven't
> figured out how to smooth the cuts. filing and sanding work for areas where
> there is a lot of room, but in areas where there are acute angles coming
> together, there simply isn;t room to get in and sand. Add int he
> complication that the surfaces are all curves (so you an't use a nail
> file), and I'm stuck.
> Maybe its my coping saw techique, but the surfaces simply aren't good -
> rough, ridges, bumps, etc....
> any ideas?
> I'll post some pics on facebook....
> thanks
> -James


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