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277066 James DuPrie <jbn.duprie@g...> 2023‑03‑03 Re: making scrollwork... how to smooth?
Thanks everyone....
I switched from a coping saw to a jewelers saw - much finer blade/teeth,
and that helped a lot.
Still working on getting the tight areas clean, and long smooth curves

things I've figured out:

   - 3/8" is too thick. dropping to 1/4 made a HUGE difference.
   - rolled up sandpaper, Popsicle sticks, nail files, etc all work, but
   there are places they just can;t reach...
   - Same goes for needle files and rifflers....
   - go slow. painfully slow. cutting fast is satisfying, but gives poor
   results (practice probably allows for more speed)
   - PRACTICE. probably the biggest one. The improvements I've seen in just
   a few days are significant. Of course, being a perfectionist, I'll probably
   never truly get to the "this is good" phase...
   - it might be time to think about a treadle powered scroll saw....


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