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277067 Erik Levin 2023‑03‑03 Re: making scrollwork... how to smooth?
James followed up with:
>Thanks everyone....
>I switched from a coping saw to a jewelers saw - much finer blade/teeth,
>and that helped a lot.
>Still working on getting the tight areas clean, and long smooth curves

A couple of things to consider:

Knife and barrette profile files have a narrow angle and come to a sharp edge
and are good for where you are coming to a point without much curve.

Rifflers come in profiles that will do the same when the approach is a curve. 

At narrow areas, don't cut to the point with the saw. Stop short, and file to
the point. Tilt the file from perpendicular to the surface to stretch to a sharp
point of narrower angle than the file angle. No, you won't clear all of the
material out to the point, but it will look perfect at the surface. Where the
material isn't removed all of the way through, the surface cut is so narrow it
won't be seen.

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