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277087 Tony Zaffuto <tzmti@c...> 2023‑03‑09 Re: The Road To Damascus 2023 - Prelude
I had plans to make it to Patina (was there for the Oct. 1, 2022 sale/auction),
but it is looking unlikely that I will make it.  I'm hoping Tony's video
captures everything outside & inside.  I hope that the filming does not show a
Millers Falls #15 plane (Stanley 5-1/2 size) that I am seeking.

To all Galoots that will be there, remember I always have been there in "stealth
mode" anyways, and only seen by a few that have the power to see (namely Tony
See-All).  Have a great time!

Tony Z.

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This video talks a bit about getting ready to head down to the PATINA Tool Show
coming up this weekend in Damascus MD.  I ramble a bit about what I'm taking to
sell along with the usual flea market reports.


So far the ride tomorrow looks to be rather interesting with me leaving before
the snow hits here, but the landing down there as the snow is falling...sigh

But we shall see.


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