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277113 Dennis Heyza <michigaloot@c...> 2023‑03‑21 Blackburn Tools


Just curious if anyone has had recent dealings with Blackburn Tools. I
purchased a frame saw kit and kerfing plane blade from him a few years ago
with great satisfaction. But he now seems to fill orders if and when it
pleases him.


To be fair, he does say that - due to myriad circumstances - he ships in
8-12 weeks. However, I'm past that window, out the money, get no updates,
and emails to him are simply ignored. 


I'm normally pretty tolerant of cottage industry folks, but feel it's
reasonable to provide realistic dates when someone orders, and respond to
inquiries on a timely basis. I mean, if he's that buried he should stop
taking orders until he gets caught up, not continue to take people's $$ with
no commitment or communications.


Or am I being unfair?


Dennis Heyza

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