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277114 Stephen Rosenthal <srosenthal26@g...> 2023‑03‑21 Re: Blackburn Tools

This subject came up a while back on a woodworking forum. Guy was waiting over a
year for a frame saw with similar lack of communication and, he too, paid up
front. Forum member’s responses were mixed; some supported Isaac and some, like
me, said cancel the order and demand a refund.

Maybe 4-5 years ago I was interested in his Rake MasterII saw sharpening device.
I emailed him about lead time and didn’t get a response. Tried again a few
months later and still no response so I wrote him off. Part of doing business is
responding to customer inquiries in a timely manner. Failure to do so reveals a
negative side about that business that causes me to look elsewhere.

Word on the street has it that Isaac is also involved in Accu-Burr and appears
to be devoting much of his attention to that aspect of his business to the
detriment of his other endeavors - and his customers.

Good luck, 
Developing cabin fever in San Francisco while listening to CCR’s “Who’ll Stop
the Rain”

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