Moose delay, 2.0
wed, 18-apr-2012, 06:11

Moose vs. bicyclist: advantage moose
tue, 17-apr-2012, 06:11

Summer weight
mon, 16-apr-2012, 19:43

Buddy wants foods
mon, 16-apr-2012, 17:58

DNR pond
sun, 15-apr-2012, 11:30

Buddy relaxes with a railing headrest
sat, 14-apr-2012, 12:40

Nice day on the deck
sat, 14-apr-2012, 12:32

Spring: last day for studded tires
thu, 12-apr-2012, 17:40

Walking with Buddy
wed, 11-apr-2012, 16:59

Buddy, Koidern, Lennier
sun, 08-apr-2012, 13:27