Toghotthele Trail Run
sat, 25-may-2019, 11:15

Short run down to the T field
sun, 19-may-2019, 10:51

First trail run of the spring
sun, 12-may-2019, 11:57

Murphy Dome Roam
sat, 11-may-2019, 09:34

Martin in the sun
sun, 28-apr-2019, 19:43

Great Horned Owl west of the house
sun, 21-apr-2019, 10:14

Kinda still bikeable
fri, 19-apr-2019, 16:16

Spring takes a break
wed, 17-apr-2019, 06:24

Remains of a red squirrel feast
sat, 06-apr-2019, 14:42