Piper eats chickweed
sun, 29-jul-2018, 15:33

Curious porcupine
tue, 24-jul-2018, 06:39

View from the rock, Gold Discovery Run
sun, 22-jul-2018, 09:39

Jenson sleeps on the couch
fri, 20-jul-2018, 21:41

More road work
wed, 18-jul-2018, 12:05

Rainbow over Railroad Drive
tue, 26-jun-2018, 06:09

Tallys bug hunting
sat, 23-jun-2018, 07:53

A completely worn out rear tire
wed, 20-jun-2018, 17:38

Couple Sandhill Cranes in the smoke
thu, 14-jun-2018, 19:13