This year’s patch on Miller Hill
wed, 01-jun-2016, 16:56

Dog Island from under the umbrella
mon, 30-may-2016, 15:20

Another week of water
sun, 22-may-2016, 11:07

T-Field and the powerline trail
sat, 21-may-2016, 09:38

One week of water
sun, 15-may-2016, 14:03

Driving over the muddy spot
sun, 15-may-2016, 13:44

Monte comfy on the futon
tue, 10-may-2016, 20:47

Lennier is a sleepy puppy. Sometimes.
tue, 10-may-2016, 19:47

Evening thunderstorms
mon, 09-may-2016, 20:21