Monte watching squirrels
sun, 01-may-2016, 19:50

Leaves out on the path along Yankovich
sat, 30-apr-2016, 09:12

Spring under the umbrella
sat, 23-apr-2016, 15:56

Filling the backup water barrel
sat, 16-apr-2016, 12:03

New heater and pump, again
sun, 10-apr-2016, 13:17

Water running on Goldstream Creek
sun, 03-apr-2016, 18:21

Hardpack removal
fri, 25-mar-2016, 15:49

Moose eating spent brewing grain
fri, 25-mar-2016, 14:15

Top of the front 40 trail
fri, 25-mar-2016, 10:36