Sunrise in the Goldstream Valley
tue, 10-sep-2013, 06:47

Fog at the muskox farm
sat, 07-sep-2013, 09:27

Pond off O’Brien
thu, 05-sep-2013, 09:01

Morning fog over the T-field
tue, 03-sep-2013, 06:33

Lennier eats blueberries on the trail
mon, 02-sep-2013, 16:28

Arctostaphylos and Empetrum
sun, 01-sep-2013, 15:45

Marathon trail off St. Patrick
sat, 31-aug-2013, 10:11

Both out running
wed, 28-aug-2013, 16:34

Taper time!
sun, 25-aug-2013, 12:52