Perfect autumn day
fri, 04-sep-2015, 13:16

Massive fungus
sun, 30-aug-2015, 17:26

Two birch trees sliding into the Creek
sun, 30-aug-2015, 17:20

Burying the red cabin power line
sat, 29-aug-2015, 16:26

Chunk of land falling into the Creek
sat, 29-aug-2015, 14:11

Red-backed vole near the red cabin
fri, 28-aug-2015, 19:12

Early autumn carbon-neutral cooking
thu, 27-aug-2015, 19:23

Creek rises four and a half feet
thu, 27-aug-2015, 18:10

Covering the gap at the rental
sat, 15-aug-2015, 16:04

Re-burying dog barn power line
wed, 12-aug-2015, 16:52