Moose (ALAL)

location description date comments
Home Powerline past Elizabeth shed 2024‑07‑08 Cow and cald
Front 40 (64.891, -147.868) Trail 2024‑06‑22 Cow, two calves
Home Near weather stations 2024‑02‑14
Home Driveway near the shed 2023‑05‑04
Home Under bird feeders 2023‑01‑04
Home Off railroad 2022‑10‑11 Bull, cow
Home Across the slough 2022‑08‑08
Home Across the slough 2022‑05‑10
Home In driveway 2022‑01‑05
Home Southwest corner of the deck 2021‑01‑20 Eating birdseed
Home Next to the deck, along slough fence 2020‑12‑08 Cow and yearling
Front 40 (64.892, -147.877) Near trail entrance 2020‑06‑16
Home Pair near end of driveway, one near trail to rental 2020‑05‑06
Home Across slough 2020‑05‑04 At least two
Home Behind shed 2020‑04‑24 Two larger animals
Home Just off the deck; driveway 2020‑02‑06
Home Driveway near water tank 2019‑01‑06 Little bull and cow
Home Slough 2018‑03‑24
Front 40 (64.892, -147.879) Ran down Railroad, ducked onto 40 2017‑04‑28 Pair yearlings
Home Along driveway between house and red cabin 2016‑01‑28
Home All around the house 2015‑03‑03
Home Across Slough 2014‑09‑07 Mom, two small calves
Home Near red cabin 2014‑05‑26
Home Side yard 2013‑01‑27 Moose laying down, Lennier observing
Front 40 (64.892, -147.863) Along Macchione cut 2012‑11‑04
Front 40 (64.891, -147.877) Between trail and rental cabin 2012‑04‑29
Home In slough 2011‑09‑16 Cow
Front 40 (64.891, -147.865) Running away from me 2011‑08‑28
Home Under clothesline 2011‑07‑31
Home In the slough 2011‑07‑03
Front 40 Sleeping in opening 2011‑04‑11
Front 40 Crashing through brush near pond 2011‑04‑11
Front 40 Running away, north side of trail 2011‑04‑10
Front 40 Near pingo 2011‑04‑06
Front 40 Near new cabin shed 2011‑03‑06
Front 40 Sleeping next to trail 2011‑03‑04
Home Next to dog yard by dog shed 2011‑01‑16
Home In front of arctic entryway 2011‑01‑03
Home Side yard 2010‑09‑05
Front 40 Other side of pond 2010‑08‑25 Pair
Front 40 Off Railroad Dr 2010‑08‑12 Two females, maybe three
Front 40 South of trail 2010‑06‑28 Stomping away
Home Next to trail 2010‑05‑06 Big cow
Home Behind woodshed 2010‑04‑23 Cow, two yearlings
Home South of dog yard 2010‑04‑17 Mom and two yearlings
Front 40 MH Driveway 2010‑04‑09 Mom, two yearlings
Goldstream Valley Corner RR and MH 2010‑04‑07 Mom, two yearlings
Front 40 Along Miller Hill 2010‑04‑05
Home Along the west side of the house 2010‑01‑22
Homer Near Majestic View B and B 2009‑05‑08
Home Back cabin, Slough, Dog Island 2009‑04‑18 Two moose
Home On the trail near the sick throwing spot 2009‑04‑13
Home Next to dog yard on slough side 2009‑01‑23 Two moose; one charged fence at dogs.
Home At end of driveway 2009‑01‑21
Home In driveway 2009‑01‑17
Home Along slough 2008‑08‑31 Mom, calf and bull
Home Next to dog yard 2008‑07‑19 Charged fence where dogs were standing and barking
Home In willows below powerline 2008‑06‑24 Mom with a very young calf
UAF Thompson Drive, just south of the bridge 2008‑06‑07 Mother moose with two very young calves
Home Behind dog yard 2008‑06‑04

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